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by David and Shirley Quine


For Grades 3 and up Parent Book Includes Printed Copy and eBook


The Perfect Place to Begin

the Biblical World View of History

This is the first in the series, The Grand Story. Not only does it give a competent and illuminating survey of the history of the world, but is also provides the foundational study of the Biblical world view for elementary age children. This curriculum combines story telling, living literature, and video to bring the history of the world to life for your whole family.

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Thoughts from Shirley

David and I have always wanted our family to love and understand the history of the world from the Bibllcal world view. We hoped that our children would be able to understand that the story of history is the recounting of God loving and reaching out to men, women, boys, and girls of all times. We know that God has told the Truth about what has taken place in history in His Word, the Bible. Therefore, the history of the world recorded in the Bible is true and accurate. To properly understand history we must start with the Bible. Then we have a way of interpretating mankinds recordings of history. We have spent many years of prayerful study to produce The Grand Story, so that your children and ours may know the true history of the world.

God Reaches into Ancient Egypt: Volume 1

The Grand Story Volume 1 takes you into the heart and history of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt where Moses and Pharaoh, Aaron and the Egyptian priests, and the sons of Israel and the people of Egypt all learn that God is Superior, Sovereign, and Unique. They will all learn that the true and living God has no geopolitical boundaries as He proclaims "you shall know that I am the LORD.


Resources for Teaching Volume 1

The Complete Set includes one of each of the following:

The Grand Story: Volume 1 (printed copy plus eBook download), David and Shirley Quine

Journal of Redemption: Student Manual, David and Shirley Quine

Ancient Egtpians and their Neighbors, Marian Broida

Boy of the Pyramids, Ruth Fosdick Jones

Exodus, Brian Wildsmith

God's Names, Sally Michael

The Golden Goblet, Eloise Jarvis McGraw

How the Bible Came to Us, Meryl Doney

A Cry from Egypt, Hope Auer


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