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by David Quine

FOR AGES 5 AND UP Not for children under 3 years.


Perfect for the Busy Mom!

All concepts in this level are taught using common objects as you simply talk with your child about math ideas and skills. This level is very easy to use because the scripted conversation is provided for you. LEVEL K focuses upon basic math concepts using the numbers 0 through 20. The Student Book offers opportunities for your child to apply and practice the concepts and skills covered in the lessons from Level K.

Parent and Student Books
$ 30.00
Student's Book only
$ 10.00
Parent's Book only
$ 20.00

Samples from Level K

Parent Book or Student Book

A Wonderful Beginning

Level K is a wonderful beginning. Level K lays the foundation for Making Math Meaningful. There is one hands-on learning activity per week. Each activity has a weekly extension which expands the concept for the week. All the key concepts are introduced with objects and a simple conversation which is provided for you. You are spending quality time with your children talking about each math concept. The reasoning used for solving word problems is the focus of Level K. The conceptual thinking is profound. The activities are designed with all learning styles in mind.

The conversations are simple. The activities are easy to do. The lesson plans tell you exactly what you are to do and what you are to say. Perfect for the busy mom.

Charlotte Mason explains that the chief value of arithmetic as well as higher mathematics is in the reasoning it advances in a child's mind. Reasoning has many facets. Memory is only one facet of the reasoning procedss. Making Math Meaningful uses instructional strategies to engage your child in advanced reasoning.

Concepts to be Introduced

These concepts lay the foundation not only for arithmetic, but also for algebraic thinking:




The basic number families 0 - 20 will be introduced.


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