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by David Quine


FOR AGES 6 AND UP Not for children under 3 years



Perfect for the Busy Mom!

Although the conversations provided in the teacher book continue to direct the teaching in this level, your child will begin to work more and more on his or her own. LEVEL 3 uses word problems to expand the understanding of addition and subtraction (0 - 999), as well as teaching the basic multiplication and division facts. Fractions are still being introduced in this level. Many of the algebraic concepts are developed alongside arithmetic. The Student Book offers opportunities to apply and practice the concepts and skills covered in the lessons from Level 3.

Parent and Student Books
$ 45.00
Student's Book only
$ 20.00
Parent's Book only
$ 25.00

Samples from Level 3

Parent Book or Student Book

"Tears of Joy"

Dear Mr. Quine

Thank you so much for developing the Making Math Meaningful books.

My daughter, twelve and in sixth grade, is understanding numbers and what they stand for, for the first time. She has huge learning disabilities and although we've homeschooled since second grade, I've never been able to figure out what piece of her foundation was missing that made the rest of math so frustrating.

I went to the book store 3 times to look at your curriculum and decided to go with it mainly because it looked very different than all the others (I knew they weren't working).

We're in our third week of school and most days that we do math, I have to push back tears of joy. I'm amazed. Not only is she 'getting it' but its becoming easy. Right now she's in Level 3 of Making Math Meaningful, but I expect she'll be able to progress through it rapidly.

I just can't thank you enough. Things I've tried to help her understand for the past four years, she's now grasping.

May God bless your family and your ministry.

Very Sincerely,

Home School Mom


Laying a Strong Foundation

Level 3 advances the development of mathematical reasoning. Every major algebraic concept is introduced as your child learns arithmetic. Through solving word problems your child will not only memorize the basic multiplication and division facts, but also will learn how to write and solve linear algebraic equations. Addition and subtraction will be expanded to include numbers 0 - 999. Work with common fractions is informally presented. A strong foundation for arithmetic and algebra are being layed in this level.

Concepts and Skills through Word Problems

Level 3 is a highly conceptual book. The ideas presented are foundational in understanding not just 'How' to do arithmetic, but 'Why' and 'When.' The concepts and skills taught in Level 3 will further advance your child's mathematical reasoning:

PLACE VALUE (0 - 999)

ADDITION and SUBTRACTION (with borrowing and carrying with numbers 0 - 999)


Expanding the understanding of COMMON FRACTIONS

The concepts and skills taught in Level 3 are presented in the context of word problems. Approximately 50% of the problems in Level 3 are word problems. Using word problems provide your chilren with opportunities to apply their learning to real life. This approach to learning basic skills enhances your children's reasoning abilities.

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