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by David Quine


FOR AGES 6 AND UP Not for children under 3 years




Perfect for the Busy Mom!

Level 5 is a Student Directed Work Book. The lesson are clear and easy for your child to understand. The format remains interactive and conversational in style. This level continues the use of word problems to finalize the understanding of addition, subtraction, and multiplication with whole numbers. Long division is introduced. Addition, subtraction, mulitiplication and division of fractions are being taught in this level. The idea of decimal numbers is introduced in this level as well.

$ 45.00

 Concepts and Skills through Word Problems

Level 5 is a Student Directed Work Book. Your child will learn and progress through this level on his own. While continuing to work on addition, subtraction and multiplication of whole numbers, Level 5 directs your child's attention to the understanding of long division of whole numbers and addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions.

PLACE VALUE (0 - trillions)

ADDITION and SUBTRACTION (with borrowing and carrying with numbers 0 - trillions)

MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION with 3 - and 4 - digit numbers



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