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by David Quine


A Major Breakthrough in Understanding!

Finally, an algebra program that can be understood! This is a student directed book with clear and easy to understand lessons. The format is conversational in style containing content from Pre-Algebra and Algebra I. There is no better foundation for more advanced math studies than PRINCIPLES FROM PATTERNS: ALGEBRA.

$ 45.00

Additional Manipulatives for Algebra:

100 Unifix Cubes 


Sample Student Book

Teaching for Understanding and Reasoning

Dear Mr. Quine,

My daughter was quite nervous about Algebra, but she now works with me confidently as we complete Algebra (Making Math Meaningful) together. I respect highly the way you introduce the concepts. I have found no other program that promotes the thinking in the way that you do, to where she understands why she is "doing" what she is "doing". So many other Math (even Algebra) programs just tell her to "put" this there, "put" that there, whereby the way to solve an equation, to think it through, is forgotten the next day, and a solid foundation stands lacking, mastery rendered impossible.…

I would like you to know we've benefited by what you've done …
S. N.

"The chief value of higher mathematics," writes Charlotte Mason, "is in the training it affords to the reasoning powers." Principles from Patterns: Algebra I is a study that enhances your children's ability to reason. This is accomplished through how the content (the formulas and skills) is being presented. Most programs simply tell the relationship and ask the child to practice it until it is memorized. However, Principles from Patterns follows the three phase teaching strategy of Making Math Meaningful.

PHASE 1 - EXPLORING THE CONCEPT: Each lesson begins with math problems your child already knows how to solve. This group of problems represents a very specific pattern. After solving the problems, your child will then be asked to state the pattern in his own words. In most cases, your child will actually explain the principle very accurately.

PHASE 2 - EXPLAINING THE CONCEPT: The statement of the principle, its proper name, and corresponding formula are given. This phase explains the principle explored in the first phase.

PHASE 3 - EXPANDING THE CONCEPT: The last phase of the activity is an application of the principle. In this phase of the learning, your child will either focus on a deeper aspect of the same principle or the study will move to a closely related principle.

Kinesthetic - Auditory - Visual Learners

Principles from Patterns: Algebra I is a study that simplifies very complex ideas by providing a wide range of activities using objects in a simple conversational style teaching. There are activities using manipulatives for kinesthetic learners, activities using natural conversational interactions for auditory learners, and activities using pictures for visual learners. Each activity will engage your child in advanced reasoning and analysis.



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