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by Dr. Michael Starbird


A Major Breakthrough in Understanding Calculus!

Change and Motion: Calculus Made Clear -- 24 video presentations crafted to make the key concepts of calculus understandable. Students grasp the power and beauty of calculus without the technical background traditionally required in other calculus courses.

$ 255.00
Introductory Price $ 70.00

Many of us excluded ourselves from the profound insights of calculus because we didn't continue in mathematics. This great achievement remains a closed door, but not any more! This course opens that door and make calculus accessible to all. Calculus Made Clear provides a foundational base for understanding the relationships of college calculus. Calculus has made it possible to build bridges that span miles of river, travel to the moon, and predict patterns of population change.Yet for all its computational power, calculus is the exploration of just two ideas—the derivative and the integral—both of which arise from a commonsense analysis of motion. The door is now open for all who will walk through it -- Calculus Made Clear.


David Quine


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