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by David Quine

Grades 7 - 12 © 2008


- Where Our Thinking Begins -   

Voted The Best World View Program!

Renewing Minds - Transforming Hearts

Here it is! A one year curriculum that makes teaching the Biblical world view as easy and effective as you always wanted it to be. This introductory course on world views is the perfect place to begin! Voted 'THE BEST WORLD VIEW PROGRAM'.

Hello: I am a homeschooling mother of five (ages 7 - 14). Thank you for your WONDERFUL Starting Points curriculum! I've been facilitating a group of teens in our co-op this year, and I cried when they read their world view papers to the group. We've had great discussions, and they've really been thinking. I can't say enough about how fantastic this experience has been so far! Thanks again for this outstanding program! J.S.


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Samples from Starting Points

Listen to David and Shirley on Homeschool Helps


To help insure your students understand the principle ideas in Starting Points and World Views of the Western World we are building a set of exceptional presentations to enhance their learning. This will be an ongoing project as we continue to add addition resources and links. ENHANCEMENTS will bring greater clarity to their study. If there are presentations you have watched that you believe should be added to our list of ENHANCEMENTS, please email us at subject line Enhancements.


Week 1: The Bible

The Bible is Unique, Josh McDowell


Week 2: The Heart of God

The Attributes of God, Part 1, Josh McDowell

The Attributes of God, Part 2, Josh McDowell

The Attributes of God, Part 3, Josh McDowell

The Attributes of God, Part 4, Josh McDowell


Week 4: The Heart of Jesus

Lord, Liar, Lunatic


Week 19: Is Christ God?

Beyond Blind Faith, Paul Little


Week 20: The Bible

Archeology Confirms the New Testament Record, Josh McDowell


Week 21: Mere Christianity, CS Lewis Doodle

The Law of Human Nature, Chapter 1

Some Objections, Chapter 2

Reality of the Moral Law, Chapter 3

What Lies Behind the Moral Law, Chapter 4

We have Cause to be Uneasy, Chapter 5


Week 22: Mere Christianity, CS Lewis Doodle

Rival Concepts of God, Chapter 6


This year families from Mn, Ca, Ok, and Tx have told me:

"Other curriculums teach facts, yours changes lives!"


"Thank you for your life efforts and sacrifices to make STARTING POINTS available for study. As parents, it has been the best gift we have offered our daughter. Thank you for taking time to meet with us, anchoring these truths for our children."

Home School Dad and Mom from MN


"I think that the beauty of both STARTING POINTS and World Views is the way the material has been put together for us. You're right that each of the books could stand alone as excellent material to study. However, it's putting them together that is so amazing and the Study Guide is a great tool for that."

Home School Mom from CA


STARTING POINTS is the biblical world view primer. It is the first place to begin. The purpose of this study is to establish the biblical world view in the hearts and minds of your children. It lays the solid foundation for their own personal lives. It also provides a compass for giving direction in the evaluation of all the ideas that will confront them in life. And finally, this study is an excellent preparatory course for World Views of the Western World.

Properly equipping our children to stand firm in Christ in the 21st Century is our responsibility as parents. STARTING POINTS is the initial preparation. This study is divided into four major sections:

Building the Biblical World View: a Bible study addressing the answers to the seven world view questions.

1 - What is God like?

2 - What is man like?

3 - What is the universe like?

4 - What is the cause of evil and suffering?

5 - What is the basis of ethics and morality?

6 - What happens to man at death?

7 - What is the meaning of life and history?

Identifying Fictional Literature Based upon the Biblical World View: examining fiction using the biblical world view as the gauge against which these idea are evaluated.

Speaking the Biblical World View Into the Culture: three approaches to apologetics will be studied:

1 - the evidential apologetics

2 - the classical-moral apologetics

3 - the presuppositional apologetics

Founding a Nation Based upon the Biblical World View: examining the foundational thoughts and customs of colonial America through the founding of the nation.


EXAMINING - Simple, easy, step-by-step instructions teaching your children to examine the Biblical world view.

EMBRACING - Many opportunities encouraging your children to embrace ideas that are consistent with the Biblical world view

EVALUATING - Leading questions helping your children apply an understanding of the Biblical world view by evaluating ideas from books and movies.


Here it is! The curriculum that

makes teaching the Biblical

world view as effective and

easy as you need it to be.



                          STARTING POINTS

               the perfect place to begin!               

the world view primer              

by David Quine              


THEOLOGY — Seven basis Bible studies. This study is foundational in understanding and establishing the biblical world view in the minds and hearts of your children.

LITERATURE —Study of the four areas of literary analysis: plot, character, theme, and world view. There is a special emphasis upon understanding the world view of the author.

AMERICAN HISTORY — A study of the social, educational, religious and political life of colonial America leading up to and including the thoughts and ideas (the world view) that would shape both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.



PART 1 Building the Biblical World View — An inductive Bible study answering the seven world view questions lays the foundation of the Biblical world view for your children. (Weeks 1 through 9.)

PART 2 Examining Literature from the Biblical World View — Going beyond plot, character, and theme in this section of Starting Points your children will learn how to examine the world view of an author of literature or producer of film to determine if the ideas contained within the story are consistent with the Biblical world view. (Weeks 10 through 18.)

PART 3 Speaking the Biblical World View into the Culture — Learning to give a reasoned response explaining the Biblical world view to those living in the 21st century. We are to be 'lights' living in the midst of our culture. This section will not only help your children in this regard, but also build their own faith in Jesus Christ! (Weeks 19 through 27.)

PART 4 Applying the Biblical World View to a Nation — A study of the thoughts and ideas surrounding the beginning of our nation. No other modern nation has had such a beginning. (Weeks 28 through 36.)




List Price $ 193.00
Our Price $ 173.00


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  How to Read Slowly

  Chronicles of Narna - The Magician's Nephew, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Horse and His Boy (not included in the complete package)


  Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde

 The Deadliest Monster

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