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by David Quine

Grades 9 - 12 © 2006


Christianity Answers the 21st Century

 (Part 3)

Preparing to Give an Answer to Anyone Who Asks

World Views Year 3: CHRISTIANITY ANSWERS THE 21ST CENTURY (Part 4) catalogs the succession of world views of the 20th Century. Four very important questions are answered in the final study of world views:
1 - Why did the West reject Christianity?
2 - What were the effects of this shift away from Christianity?
3 - How are we as Christians to live in the 21st Century?
4 - What do we as Christians have to say to the 21st Century culture?

If your children are not prepared to answer these four questions, they may not be prepared to step into the 21st Century

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these resources are used in Year III

Year I
• The Trilogy
• How Should We Then Live? book
• How Should We Then Live, dvd
• The Universe Next Door
• Classical Composers, cd
• Giants of Philosophy Set, cd

Year II
• The Soul of Science
• Bill of Rights, cd


Download Samples of World Views Year III

Additional Samples:


Introduction: Week 1

Christianity Answers the 21st Century: Weeks 3 - 7




The Shift Away from Christianity

The Monumental Movement Away from Truth

Do you sense that something is wrong in Western Culture today? Abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, gay marriages.… How did we ever get into all the difficulties we find ourselves in today? How can our children live in a culture that has shifted away from Christianity? How can they engage the culture in conversations about God … about the origin of the universe … about the true nature of mankind? World Views Year III is designed to give the Christian answers to the secular thinking of the 20th Century. Properly equipping our children to stand firm in Christ in the 21st Century is our responsibility as parents. There is no better preparation than World Views of the Western World Year III. This study is for those "living as lights in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation" (Philippines 2). Don't shrink back. Stand firm. Give your children all they need to live for Christ in the 21st Century. Give them World Views of the Western World.

World Views Year III is the final preparation. The study addresses the secular ideas that are presented in freshman college classes. Understanding their ideas, addressing their claims, and learning to articulate the Christian response in the following five areas is the focus of this the final study:

1 - The Nature of Ultimate Meaning to Life - Philosophy and Literature Classes

2 - The Origin of the Universe - Biology and Geology Clases

3 - The Nature of Man - Psychology and Sociology Classes

4 - The Nature of Truth and Morals - Sociology and Religion Classes

5 - Man's Relationship to Nature - Ecology Classes



Composition ................ 1/4 Credit                       Literature: Modern ........... 1 Credit

Philosophy/Theology ..... 1 Credit                      Music Appreciation ....... 1/2 Credit

Art Appreciation .......... 1/2 Credit                       Humanities ..................... 1/4 Credit

Western Civilization .... 1/4 Credit                       World History ................. 1/4 Credit

American History ........... 1 Credit                        Economics ........................ 1 Credit

Science Origins .......... 1/2 Credit                1 Credit is equivalent to 2 semesters of study





  The recordings for Year III are   dramatized audio recordings   highlighting the major ideas of   books, authors, or events in   their proper historical context.

  Darwin and Evolution

  David Hume

  Immanuel Kant

  Friedrich Hegel

  Soren Kierkegaard

  Friedrich Nietzsche

  Jean-Paul Sartre

  The Civil War

  The Classical Economists

  The German Historical School

  Das Kapital

  Keynesian Revolution

  The Austrian Case for the Free   Market Process

  Frank Knight - Chicago School

  Monetarism and Supply Side



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