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What is your view of High School?

From the start Shirley and I believed that if our children understood the thoughts and ideas of Francis Schaeffer before leaving home that they would be adequately prepared to enter the culture. During the elementary years we were preparing them for this very purpose. Through Music & Moments with the Masters and Adventures In Art they heard and saw that what a person believes affects what he does. Through Making Math Meaningful and Science: The Search they learned to reason. Now we were ready to have our children evaluate the many claims of truth being made throughout history using the Scriptures as the standard of absolute Truth.


World Views of the Western World


World Views of the Western World, based upon the thoughts and ideas of Francis Schaeffer, allows children to make just such evaluations within the controlled environment of your home. World Views of the Western World focuses upon the Key Moments, the Key People, and the Key Ideas of Western culture. The 600 page Research-Teaching Syllabus for Year I, written by David Quine, orchestrates the teaching. The syllabus includes study notes, commentaries, outlines, short answer questions, essay questions, and much more. Upon completion of the three year study, your child will accumulate 16 Carnegie Units toward graduation.

Understanding the "key moments" of the past gives us understanding of our present. Understanding our present gives us wisdom for making decisions which may influence the future. While other history programs detail many isolated events and dates, this study associate the key moments with the thinking, that is, the thoughts and ideas, the world views of the people who shaped and directed those moments. It is not enough to know the important dates and events of history. If we are to truly understand our present and have any hope of making wise decisions involving our future, we must always be drawing our understanding back to the basic way of looking at life -- the world view -- held by those men and women who shaped our past .

What is the key to such a study? World Views of the Western World is a classical world view approach to high school studies. Reading original documents, analyzing the thoughts and ideas, and then evaluating these ideas with the gauge and authority of Scripture teaches children to reason from the Biblical world view.

For several generations now educators have been passing on their thoughts and ideas about those who have shaped Western culture. Though it is easier to read someone else's interpretation of history this secondary source approach leaves you to the mercy of textbook writers.

Using original documents means that your children will read the works of poets, politicians, philosophers, observe museum quality art reproductions, and listen to symphony recordings of the world's greatest composers. This is living learning! Your children will return to the original sources to discover for themselves the thoughts and ideas of those people who have influenced Western culture. Using original source documents means that your children will not only read the significant works of the Western world, but will also interpret their meaning from the Biblical world view.

Dr. Francis Schaeffer, through his writings, and audio and video recordings, will be our guide throughout this most important study. He will be constantly relating the particular events and people of history to the overall flow of thought. This coupling of original source documents to the commentary given by Dr. Schaeffer will provide the necessary guidance for such a serious undertaking as understanding the World Views of the Western World. There is no study more important than world views. And there is no curriculum written to better understand world views than World Views of the Western World.

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